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the outdoors is for everyone

Our OUT IN NATURE product range is been created with the intent to empower, give confidence, and feel supported by every step you take outside.

12 years within the Royal Dutch Army, extremely fit, confident in being one of the first to be deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, and happy to take on any challenge at a young age. That might sound challenging, but the battle(s) later in life - severe anxiety, Crohn's disease, and for example not being able to go to the supermarket on your own, is a journey that requires extreme courage and is a journey that will continue forever. Unfortunately, this is a challenge, and journey that many of us have to deal with in life. And let's face it, this current Pandemic challenges all of us in our own ways.

However, spending time outdoors has been the most healing remedy for founder Laura, while battling severe anxiety, and chronic illness. No matter how difficult it might look, she will find a way to keep moving and get all her motivation from spending time outdoors. Moving interstate, traveling to Africa with her back then - 1-year-old daughter Kiki, and finding the strength to keep going after every flare-up of Crohn's disease.

Laura is always very clear in why she is sharing her story. There are so many people out there, all with their own unique stories and challenges. Inspiring each other to take that first step outside and be proud of who you are, what you achieve, and whom you surround yourself with is all that matters

With this limited t-shirt range, Laura wants to inspire you to surround yourself with nature. Especially during this Pandemic, we want to bring nature to you! Feel inspired to go for a walk, even if it's just one single step. Use your senses to smell the fresh air. And all of this with the support from all of us, and intense courage from yourself. Healing is hard. Healing is a challenge. But knowing that spending time outdoors has so many benefits encourages Laura to keep creating unique GLAMPING experiences and MENTAL HEALTH awareness for you.


Dried Flower Bouquet

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