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Foreshore GLAMPING Experience

We are extremely lucky to be located in such a beautiful part of the Mornington Peninsula.


We, therefore, invite you to book your campsite at one of our recommended campgrounds, and our team will setup the ultimate GLAMPING experience for you!  

Peninsula nomads glamping bell tent 4.5-meter Diameter located on the foreshore in mornington peninsula. The tent is placed on green gras just before the blue coloured ocean. The tent doors are open to see the trees and beach view. Grey coloured ambient lounge chairs and a round table are placed in front of the teepee tent.

Foreshore GLAMPING
2 persons -2 nights
4.5-meter Diameter


This unique option includes:​


Queen size Air Mattress + bed linen

Double Ambient Lounge chairs & 1 table

*Extra persons are allowed

One of Peninsula Nomads GLAMPING Experiences on the foreshore in Mornington Peninsula. The tipi tent is placed on the green grass at camerons bight campground.

Foreshore GLAMPING
4+ person - 2 nights
6-meter Diameter


This unique option includes:


2 X Queen size Air Mattress + bed linen 

Double Ambient Lounge chairs & 1 table


What to bring

We highly recommend you bring the following items with you on your GLAMPING Experience throughout all seasons; warm clothes, extra blankets, a rain jacket, sunscreen, slippers, and your travel journal.


What to expect

Mornington Peninsula's public campgrounds are family-friendly and accommodate different types of camping such as; tent stay, caravan, and trailers. Peninsula Nomads will look after your unique GLAMPING stay, and our friendly team will make everything ready before your arrival. We know you will enjoy your unique stay with an ocean view and amazing camp managers. Once you've checked out our team will pack everything up to make your experience as effortless as possible. 

Check availability with our friendly team

Book your powered Campsite 

Confirm and book your GLAMPING Experience with us 


A rattan tray placed on one of the queen size air mattresses peninsula nomads uses during the glamping setip. On top are 2 white camping mugs with the Peninsula Nomads logo on it. Next to it is a coffee machine, a dried flower bouquet and one of our custom branded cookies.



Large Flower Arrangement



  • There are 59 powered sites, 18 of which are premium sites

  • Campgrounds offer modern amenities with hot showers, laundry facilities, and amazing management

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