Together we have lived and travelled in more that 25 Country’s. We’ve listened, embraced and adapted into different cultures all with their own unique style and emotions. 


My husband and I moved to Australia almost 4 years ago because of my husband’s work. And wow, the Mornington Peninsula is by far a community that adopts and stands out in so many different ways. The amount of beauty, creativity and passion is immensely, and it teaches us every single day. 


Sharing our home, adopting into our own little family and taking care of is what we’ve been doing for years and years now. The world we’re living in needs more care. It needs attention, caring and sharing. It’s one. And it’s our responsibility. 

Besides that. Nobody needs to feel lonely. Hosting an event, doesn’t matter what size or occasion, gives you the opportunity to give an experience. To set an example, and to make people feel unique and very special. 


We will always grow and use the knowledge and power from people all over the world to provide you with the best possible.

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Merijn, Laura & Kiki

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