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TOP 3 - Happy CAMPER gift ideas!

🎄 What to gift a CAMPER for Christmas 🎄

Although we absolutely love and recommend gifting an experience, we know that travellers love to invest in some special items.

Our team created these TOP 3 products that are essential to any HAPPY CAMPER!!! And as our team includes some crazy adventurers I can only tell that these really are essential.

- Traveller's Journal from Moleskine

- Camping mug from Peninsula Nomads.....DUH!!!

- Hat from Will + Bear

Writing down and journaling during your experience is so valuable. Some of us like to make little drawings. Sticking receipts, brochures, love notes and your polaroid images to create a diary that means so much.

Writing while drinking a coffee or some wine out of a camping mug is my absolute favourite. I know some of you know this feeling so well. Sitting in front of your tent and pouring wine in a camping mug is just perfect.

And the hat, look, considering we are based in Australia SunSmart is the way to go and set an example. Will + Bear are one of our favourites as we love how their story started while travelling Australia.

We'll share some of our top 3 Experiences soon and I love to know what your essential is!!!!

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