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My week in 1 single post.....

I complained. I called my family more than I normally do. I cried and I laughed as Merijn is still putting on that face mask the wrong way around....We are 4 weeks into stage 4 Merijn!!!

Anyway, it was a long week and can we all pay our respect to each other. Not only to the so called "essential workers", but also to you. Because to me you are a very essential worker. You are the one looking after your own mental health. You are the one teaching your children, working from home, greeting others during your 1 hour walk a day or serving us at the supermarket.

Police officers doing their jobs. Nurses working their way through a Pandemic that is changing the world and the safety of themselves, their patients, their families and all around them.

Sharing any sort of emotion is absolutely essential, but I'm so glad I'm still able to see and appreciate you!

Thank you......

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