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Bushrangers Bay

Peninsula Nomads isn't just about the tipi/glamping experience, have you gathered that?

We also adore nature in all forms. Going hiking, exploring beaches, surrounding ourselves with the sounds of birds or the wind in the trees. Sitting and contemplating life while listening to waves crashing on the shore or challenging ourselves to climb to a higher peak to see the world from above.

So, we thought that we would start to share with you some of our favourite places around the Peninsula, giving you the option to explore and join us in experiencing the stunning nature around us as well!

Bushrangers Bay has become popular for day trips from Melbourne.. but for good reason!

Starting out with a 2.5km walk from the car park (Bushrangers Bay Car Park - Boneo Road) to the beach, you pass through shaded trails that are covered in jungle-like greenery and catch glimpses of a little valley below that runs next to your path. There are breaks in the trees and closer to the end you get a stunning view of your destination as an open field meets some cliffs, dropping to the beach below.

You'll be stopping to take photos along the walk itself, we guarantee it.

To reach the bay you have to make your way down a few flights of stairs before you arrive at the wide open beach. Bushrangers Bay has large crashing waves (does anyone else find that soothing?), a long stretch of sand to sit and enjoy the scenery and also lots of rockpools to discover!

We have a few Nomad tips for you to make the most of your experience:

  • Don't rush or do it when you're on a time crunch! Plan for this to take you at least 4-5 hours because you want to take the time to soak in the nature around you and notice the small things. (Plus, you're going to be walking a minimum of 5km on various terrain, which takes more time than you think)

  • Make sure you take plenty of water with you, there are no taps along the way. And while you're at it maybe pack a picnic or snacks so that you have the option to stay a while.

  • If you can, go early in the day before too many others make their way down. Nothing compares to having an entire beach to yourself, even just for a while!

  • And most importantly, please keep in mind as you explore, that this is a beach that isn't patrolled at all and that has large waves and strong rips so it is not recommended for swimming.

Have you ever been to Bushrangers Bay? If not, when you do go to Bushrangers Bay, let us know what you thought and what your favourite part was!

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